Gerry the rare heron!

This morning, about an hour after I woke up my mom came in my room to open the blinds and guess what was lying there? A heron! Since I live near a forest preserve I see them sometimes, but never ever a dead one. Herons are about a foot long with very long legs. Luckily my mom brought my phone out and I got pictures this time!


My mom thinks it was flying really early this morning and got hit by a car. Which broke the wing and hobbled towards my lawn and died.


So like Elizabeth/Elliot, I buried Gerry (boy or girl?) to get the bones. I’m so excited to get them since not a lot of people have a heron skeleton! Let alone a 15 year old. I felt bad for the bird though. I also felt bad when the first thing I said when my mom saw it was, “oh my god it’s dead! It’s dead hurray!” but I was excited. RIP Gerry! 🙂