About a week ago driving down the big street near my house (and the forest preserve) I noticed a deer road kill. And one that animal control (hopefully!!!) won’t find. It’s on the side of the road but blends in well (full picture below)


It’s hard to see since the grasses are brown, and cars are going 40 mph. I’ve been wanting to go check it out for a while and so today after school I did. I had thought that the head had come off since I couldn’t see it. It was hit by a car pretty fast and pretty hard. The femurs and definitely a humerus (arm) will be broken. The arm was already snapped back by head as seen in the picture below.


It was decomposing very nicely though, as long as animal control doesn’t find it before I have time to grab the bones 🙂 it is supposed to rain tomorrow but maybe that will speed up the decomposition process. Or make it smell worse. Probably both. When I first got to the deer it didn’t smell, then a gust of wind blew my way and I almost gagged. It smelled like bloody murder, spoiled milk, rotten eggs, a raw spoiled meat. So I ran to my bike and rode home. Updates on the deer later! Oh by the way it was female. I’ll name her Hannah. 🙂



Since I have a free period at school right now and have nothing whatsoever to do, I’ll write about the dangers of going to the forest. The first is ticks. Ticks are what I like to call, vampires of the insect world. They suck blood and imbed themselves in your skin. Most of them are so tiny your nail looks big compared to them. I’ve had a few ticks on me as I went to the forest. Just crawling on me. Ticks are nasty little bugs though. They stick to pretty much everything so you do have to use some force getting them off. The biggest thing is that the only way to kill them is to flush it down the toilet or burn it. My dad and I both stepped on tick trying to kill it (a total of like 210 pounds) and it wouldn’t die. If a tick does imbed themselves, you usually get symptoms of a common cold or the flu. A doctor can remove it for you. The tick you should be really worried about it the deer tick. They can give you lime disease which takes a lot of time to get rid of and makes you quite sick. Deer ticks look like this:

If you have a dog or outdoor cat you will want to get the line disease shot from a vet. That will protect them if they ever catch one.

The next danger in the forests are brown recluse spiders. I know they live in North America but are rare. I don’t know about other countries. The brown recluse is very deadly. A bite can kill you if you don’t get to the hospital in less than 15-30 minutes depending on where the bite is. People have lost legs/arms because of where the bite was and how fast it spreads. My mom told me about the brown recluse after my incident when I found the 4 spiders in Alyssa’s skull. Brown recluses are very large!

Just googling pictures of it gives me the creeps.

Those are the basic bugs to look out for in the forest. Bad people are a different story for another day!