I AM MOVING WEBSITES- that’s right, I’m sorry about the trouble but I haven’t posted on wordpress is so long- you guys know that. And because I already have a personal blog on Tumblr, I have decided to move this blog there. The username will be the same. The URL is On Tumblr I can easily re-blog posts on there and I will be able to post more about my bones, I won’t type as much but I will be able to post more and post more from other blogs about bones, medical things, forensic things, anatomy things as well. I’m sorry for the trouble but I have found that I don’t have much time to write anymore 😦 I will still be keeping this blog for people that find the Tumblr blog and don’t know who/what Hannah is, or why I bone hunt. Thank you for understanding!!! P.S the blogs I will follow on my new blog have some bad words in the title of their username- I wish it weren’t that way but I love the content they post and they are great blogs. Thanks, Julia 🙂


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