Rain, rain, rain

Last Thursday (4/18) Chicago got more rain than I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to guess how many inches we got but it was enough to cancel school! I’ve always had snow days, but we had a rain day! I took some pictures, my house was not as bad as a lot of other people’s. First off there’s Hannah sitting in my very very muddy backyard. I’m surprised she was not underwater.


There’s my backyard with the base of my hammock under about an inch of rain. I haven’t seen my backyard this flooded since I was in like 6th or 8th grade.


There’s my boots being swallowed by rain in my backyard


And my neighbors backyard


This is sorta hard to see but this is a sign at the very edge of a stream, the sign is almost completely underwater


The next 3 are streets/forest preserve on my way to ballet




Pretty wet. There’s still a lot of water standing around. Leah and I went to our spot in the forest 3 days later and what is normally forest was now a lake. We found a lot of interesting things on that trip so check back soon!!


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