Rain, rain, rain

Last Thursday (4/18) Chicago got more rain than I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to guess how many inches we got but it was enough to cancel school! I’ve always had snow days, but we had a rain day! I took some pictures, my house was not as bad as a lot of other people’s. First off there’s Hannah sitting in my very very muddy backyard. I’m surprised she was not underwater.


There’s my backyard with the base of my hammock under about an inch of rain. I haven’t seen my backyard this flooded since I was in like 6th or 8th grade.


There’s my boots being swallowed by rain in my backyard


And my neighbors backyard


This is sorta hard to see but this is a sign at the very edge of a stream, the sign is almost completely underwater


The next 3 are streets/forest preserve on my way to ballet




Pretty wet. There’s still a lot of water standing around. Leah and I went to our spot in the forest 3 days later and what is normally forest was now a lake. We found a lot of interesting things on that trip so check back soon!!


Bone hunting 4/6

The other weekend my friend wanted to go bone hunting with me and I told him that we should go across the street where Hannah was in case I found her skull or arm or leg. The street where Hannah was hit is surrounded by forest- no houses. We went and the first thing we found (I saw it) was a large pelvis and when we walked over there we found a lot of bones that went with it. It was a male deer, old and somewhat buried. Here’s what the spine looked like in the ground:

We tried to find a skull but there was none around and we couldn’t find the top of the spine just the thoracic and lumbar region. I have to many bones I gave the half deer to my friend. He’s moving soon so he didn’t want to take it home, even though the whole reason we came into the forest was because he wanted bones! So we left it in a pile. I started to put the spine together but I could only find the lumbar region:

We found a lot of bones for the deer and it was pretty cool. I usually always find something when I go bone hunting, and I did also find some of Hannah’s other hind leg!! I didn’t get a picture of it though because my gloves were dirty and I didn’t want my phone to get all gross. But where I found Hannah’s leg I was confused because there was like filling from like a couch. It was weird and then I saw this which was even weirder

I took my glove off because I wanted a picture of it. It looks like a tiny house area, there’s a vase, 2 chairs, a table, and not in the picture I saw something that looked like a door. The animals had ripped the stuffing from the chair and that’s what all that yellow stuff is. Leah and I may go back into the forest this weekend and hopefully Hannah’s skull will be found!