Hannah is home!!

Hannah is ready to bring home!!! Leah and I took her home yesterday after school- also celebrating the one year anniversary of the first time we ever went bone hunting- the day before our spring break. The date is different but we do it on the last day of school before break. Hannah still had some skin and cartilage on her but we couldn’t risk someone taking her so it was time to come home! This is the last picture we took of her in the forest:

Her leg was a few yards away and it still had joints and cartilage on it but we wanted to bring ALL of Hannah home. Leah went to get the leg and I gathered all her ribs that were not broken into pieces. Maybe another day we’ll come back and get the broken ribs so that I have as much Hannah as possible! I’m still on the search for her skull but no luck. Here’s Leah with her leg and sternum:

And a close up:

We put her in my wagon and walked a mile back to my house. My mom could have picked us up but we wanted to walk to see how many weird looks we would get. And we got a lot. We’re weird like that but when you want to show off your deer spine- you show it off. Anyway we got back to my house and Leah took my picture:

We also found some fish bones from a while ago and so I took Leah’s picture:

We brought her to my backyard and I let my dog sniff her and put Hannah into my moms garden where no one or nothing could get her. Here’s me with her and my dog sniffing her:


And here she is sitting comfortably in my backyard

It was a wonderful day yesterday and one year ago yesterday Leah and I went into the forest in 60 degree weather in a thunderstorm and found about 4 bags of bones and wow was I interested. Little did I know how much my life would change from it! Keep on doing what your doing, you never know where it will take you! Have a lovely spring break for anyone who has it and summer will be here soon enough!


2 comments on “Hannah is home!!

  1. Psydrache says:

    Congratulation to this wonderful and huge spine 🙂

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