Another Hannah update (no pictures sorry)

Sorry I haven’t been writing in a while, I’ve been needing to go back in the forest. I think it was about 2 weeks ago some family friends came over because one of their youngest daughters (they have twins and an older daughter) was fascinated with my bones and wanted to go bone hunting! They came over and we stopped at Hannah first to pour some hydrogen peroxide on her to help her decompose. She was doing better and I got a good look at her pelvis and noticed that her ilium (the top part of the pelvis) was very wide which suggested she had a doe (baby deer). I would put her age about 4 years old since most deer have their children at 2-3 years of age and there is no sign of old age on her spine or joints.

The next place we went to was the forest where Leah and I first went bone hunting, and where I found Alyssa. I didn’t find anymore bones that go with her though. And I was sort of sad we didn’t find any large bones because I think the twins would have loved a large femur or something. I did find a broken raccoon skull that Leah and I didn’t want do we threw it somewhere. I gave that to them and they liked that. Not much exciting things have happened in my bone world so that’s why I don’t have a lot to write about. Hopefully soon I can get back to the forest. If there’s a lot of snow this winter it will be harder to find bones so there will be less to write about. Although I could encounter more roadkill! Peace out for now!


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