Rabbit road kill (GRAPHIC)

As I was driving to ballet, right by my house there was road kill in the middle of the road and looked out the window and saw it was a rabbit. I would say bunny but it was way to big to be a bunny. I’ve never seen such a large rabbit alive let alone dead. So after ballet my dad and I decided to go check it out because even though its body was smashed, the head looked pretty decent and I’ve always wanted to find a rabbit skull. Here’s what my dad and I found:




I’ll admit that the guts were gross, but I can stomach that (haha get it, the stomach was all over the road. Oh me and my bad humor ;)) and it didn’t smell. The head looked great but it was late at night and if I moved it more guts would spill out and I might get bloody. I figured I’ll find another rabbit some day, or I’ll just get a cat and maybe it can go out and kill a rabbit for me. It’ll probably be mostly gone tomorrow since its so close to the forest preserve, a coyote or raccoon will find it. Or animal control will. Oh well! I’m going to bone hunting with a family friend this weekend who thought it was cool that I collected bones so I’ll have pictures from that!


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