I haven’t written in a while and I feel bad about that but a lot has happened since the last time I posted! Normally I update from my phone but today I have my computer and I’ve actually been writing a very long post! But I’ve been pretty busy so expect that in a few days. I was going to finish writing it now, but I can’t seem to find it. An update on Hannah, she is still there and going strong! Right now she belongs to the maggots, by all means they can have her I’m cool with it. She still smells like bloody-murder and I can’t get within a few feet of her without gagging. He right leg is missing, you can see her pelvis joint where it is supposed to  be. There is no way that it can be underneath her since there is a bunch skin, organs and other stuff I don’t want to know about under her, I know for sure that there is no leg. An animal must have dragged it away or she really got hit hard! Her skull is completely fine, the animals are doing a great job at eating away the flesh. I see her everyday on the drive back form school. I have a 4-day weekend this week so Leah and I are probably going bone hunting, fall is the time when all the antlers fall off and Leah and I are DYING to find some! I will also go check up on Hannah, hopefully it won’t be too windy so I don’t smell her as much. We had rain yesterday and by the looks of it, it really helped the decomposition process. In other news, I started watching the T.V shows Bones and needless to say it is my absolute favorite show! Every episode has to do with a body being found and it’s like a crime scene investigation. The woman who does the bone investigation is a Forensic Anthropologist which I think I want to be when I grow up, crime scenes have always fascinated me and bones are my thing! I already know 162 out of the 206 bones in the human body! And her nick-name is bones, which is what some of my friends call me. 🙂 More from me later!


One comment on “Update!

  1. Psydrache says:

    Yeah, the tv show bones is funny! I love her, she’s sometimes so awkward ^^
    Good luck with the antlers!

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