My 4 million year old jaw bone

The town that I live in has a sidewalk sale every July and this July there was a woman selling like gems, rocks, arrowheads, etc. while looking through the pile of stuff that there was I came across part of a jawbone. I was with Leah so I showed her and the tag said ‘oreodont jawbone’ found in South Dakota. I bought it (it was only 4 dollars!) Leah also found another tiny piece of the jaw and bought that one. When I got home I googled oreodont. Oreodonts are prehistoric hog like creatures that lived 31-34 million years ago! They became extinct 4 million years ago.

The skull looks like this:


People that have their skulls sell for around 60-100 dollars, but since mine is a tiny part of the jaw it wasn’t much money. Oreodonts were also very common animals, probably like seeing a deer (where I live) today. Below is the part of the jaw I have


I’m thrilled that I have it and that I was lucky enough to find it! It’s so cool!


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