About a week ago driving down the big street near my house (and the forest preserve) I noticed a deer road kill. And one that animal control (hopefully!!!) won’t find. It’s on the side of the road but blends in well (full picture below)


It’s hard to see since the grasses are brown, and cars are going 40 mph. I’ve been wanting to go check it out for a while and so today after school I did. I had thought that the head had come off since I couldn’t see it. It was hit by a car pretty fast and pretty hard. The femurs and definitely a humerus (arm) will be broken. The arm was already snapped back by head as seen in the picture below.


It was decomposing very nicely though, as long as animal control doesn’t find it before I have time to grab the bones 🙂 it is supposed to rain tomorrow but maybe that will speed up the decomposition process. Or make it smell worse. Probably both. When I first got to the deer it didn’t smell, then a gust of wind blew my way and I almost gagged. It smelled like bloody murder, spoiled milk, rotten eggs, a raw spoiled meat. So I ran to my bike and rode home. Updates on the deer later! Oh by the way it was female. I’ll name her Hannah. 🙂


My new favorite bone

Leah found this jawbone in the forest like 5 months ago and I’ve been wanting it ever since. I adore this jawbone and it is so rare since baby deer don’t die often. The last time that Leah and I went to the forest I found a baby deer jaw. It probably goes with her jaw. I was so happy when I found it. The top is a little broken but I love it. I know it’s a baby jawbone because it’s very small and not all the teeth have grown in. I compared it with an adult one below.


The tooth that hasn’t grown in yet is the picture below. It’s sort of hard to see but it’s the last one on the left.


Now Leah and I both have a baby deer jaw. But it doesn’t mean I don’t still want hers 🙂

My 4 million year old jaw bone

The town that I live in has a sidewalk sale every July and this July there was a woman selling like gems, rocks, arrowheads, etc. while looking through the pile of stuff that there was I came across part of a jawbone. I was with Leah so I showed her and the tag said ‘oreodont jawbone’ found in South Dakota. I bought it (it was only 4 dollars!) Leah also found another tiny piece of the jaw and bought that one. When I got home I googled oreodont. Oreodonts are prehistoric hog like creatures that lived 31-34 million years ago! They became extinct 4 million years ago.

The skull looks like this:


People that have their skulls sell for around 60-100 dollars, but since mine is a tiny part of the jaw it wasn’t much money. Oreodonts were also very common animals, probably like seeing a deer (where I live) today. Below is the part of the jaw I have


I’m thrilled that I have it and that I was lucky enough to find it! It’s so cool!

Update on Bobby

In other post I think I mentioned that Bobby was starting to smell. So I put him in hydrogen peroxide hoping that he wouldn’t disintegrate like Cameron did. And he didn’t! Hydrogen peroxide is a lot less stronger than bleach as well.


Gerry the rare heron!

This morning, about an hour after I woke up my mom came in my room to open the blinds and guess what was lying there? A heron! Since I live near a forest preserve I see them sometimes, but never ever a dead one. Herons are about a foot long with very long legs. Luckily my mom brought my phone out and I got pictures this time!


My mom thinks it was flying really early this morning and got hit by a car. Which broke the wing and hobbled towards my lawn and died.


So like Elizabeth/Elliot, I buried Gerry (boy or girl?) to get the bones. I’m so excited to get them since not a lot of people have a heron skeleton! Let alone a 15 year old. I felt bad for the bird though. I also felt bad when the first thing I said when my mom saw it was, “oh my god it’s dead! It’s dead hurray!” but I was excited. RIP Gerry! 🙂