Frankie the white tailed deer

Even though I don’t have a lot of it, I still have some of another deer. I found it in “the fish spot” where Leah and I buried a fish so we could get the bones. She got use from them but I didn’t. So much for all that work haha. I found the skull and a few bones a few months ago but decided not write about it. Now I will since I went back the other day and dug around and found some of the spine. The bones are really old and a lot are worn out. Most of the bones are broken and old, except one femur and jaw. But other than that it’s a broken femur and tibia. Not sure where the other tibia went. The skull is broken too. Since I found no trace of where antlers would grow, I’m thinking this was a female. If I find more of her I’ll update it!



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