Elizabeth the Eastern Chipmunk

So today as I was driving back from karate I spotted a dead chipmunk towards the middle of the road. I went back to investigate when I got home (the road that it got killed on wasn’t far from my house) and it was perfect! It was not squished, very freshly killed. The head was probably the body part that got hit, which means the skull is damaged. So I decided to bury the chipmunk in some mesh that I found, so that in about 6 months (even though the ground will be frozen with snow) I’m going to dig it up and collect the bones! Unfortunately I forgot my phone so no pictures 😦 I’m pretty sure this was a girl because I couldn’t see any male parts. Not sure though, it (she?) was starting to bloat and rot so I didn’t look much. So I’m giving it a girl name! See you in 6 months Elizabeth.


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