Louis (or Lois if its a girl) the baby bird

Today I was going rollerblading and in the middle of the road is baby bird. At first I thought it was dead but I bent down and it was breathing. I wanted to move it but was scared it wouldn’t let, me and I never touch wild animals without gloves so I quickly went home and grabbed 2 gloves before a car came and ran over it! It’s foot appeared to be broken, and the wing was crooked. So I took it (I’m going to call it a him) home and put some bird seed in the cage with water too. He took a bath but wouldn’t eat. Below is him clinging onto the cage



I had to go to work (summer job) and so I had my mom text me pictures of how he was doing throughout the time. He was NOISY. He was hungry! He’s so small that we tried some worm but he wouldn’t eat it. My mom googled how to take care of a baby bird and they said soggy dog food or an hard boiled egg yolk. He wouldn’t eat that either.
We also read that baby birds need warmth so we built a small nest out of fabric scraps and put him under a lamp. He still won’t be quiet. If he doesn’t eat he’ll die since he can’t fly. I just fed him again and he ate! Hurrah! And now its quiet (thank goodness) so hopefully he’ll be asleep for a while.


I know this isn’t really a bone post so in other news Bobby the chipmunk is starting to smell pretty bad, but I don’t want his skeleton to fall apart like Cameron’s. So I’m thinking of trying hydrogen peroxide. Hope it works!


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