The bleaching process

So I’ve been planning this post for a while, but to get pictures for the process takes a while because you have to wait a week or so while you bleach! Some people bleach their bones with hydrogen peroxide but I use bleach because it whitens the bones and kills ALL bugs! So here we go

Step 1: I lay out all my bones to make sure there are no bugs and see how dirty they are to see if I need to rinse them off


Step 2: once I rinse them off or decide I don’t need to rinse them off, I put them in a bucket. I put the taller bones in first, to make sure they fit. Sometimes having a femur, tibia or even a humerus will stick out. If that happens and the bleach doesn’t reach all the way to the top of the bone I flip it around halfway through.

In the picture the femur goes up really far so I did flip it around.

Step 3: add bleach. I usually fill the bucket half full with bleach and the other half with water. The water dims the smell of the bleach and you don’t use as much bleach. Either way it still gets the bones nice and white.

Step 4: wait a week or so

Step 5: take the bones out and be sure to rinse them very well. They will take some time to dry since they’ve been soaking for a week. They also might be a different color. Like the femur in my picture has some black. That’s none marrow. It usually will go away when it dries.

I keep it there for a day or 2 while it dries and then I move it with my other bones!



5 comments on “The bleaching process

  1. Jake says:

    Do you find the bleach damages the bone ? Most sites say don’t use it. I’ve used it a couple of times on buried bones and it damages the outer layer of bone.

    • I beer found it to damage the bones. It just makes it whiter and smooth. I’ll have to look out for that. It might not on my bones because it is like 35% bleach and the rest water so it isn’t as harsh

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