A story to make your spine tremble

My resource class at school is a combined resource class, which means instead of having my teacher and the 5 kids in class, there are 2 teachers and 10 kids in the class. One of the teachers is a science teacher and is fascinated with my bone collection. He was talking with a gym teacher in the building about my bones and the gym teacher told him, “I heard that these 3 guys got arrested for killing deer and raccoons and then dumping their carcasses into forests around the area” that made me shiver! The bones that Leah and I possess, are carcasses that 3 people got arrested for dumping the bodies in the forest. We can’t get in trouble for just having the bones, but it’s creepy to think about! I know that Alyssa died of scoliosis, or she was killed and it just happened that she had scoliosis! Either way Alyssa was more recently dead, since there was still some skin and cartilage on a few bones. Luckily that came off in the bleach! You can also see more bone marrow in the bones with her tibias and femurs and some spine. Since Leah’s skeleton is totally fine, it’s possible that her deer was killed by those men. But the bones that we found that ate near where she found her skull are much older, no skin on any bones and they are more worn out. Also, the bones are starting to sink in the earth. Either way it was one of the creepiest things I’ve heard all year!


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