7-15-12 – Leah’s house!

When Leah and I try to hang out and talk about bones, hunt for bones, or paint/trade bones. So yesterday our main plan was to figure out which spine went with which skull. (I found Alyssa’s skull where Leah found the spine she has, and she found her skull where I found the spine I have) With that said we’re pretty sure I have her spine and she has mine. If this is true, Alyssa died of scoliosis. The small spine next to the skull (Leah’s) is curved. The large other one is very straight. Alyssa’s skull is small, and therefore the small curved spine would be a better fit for her than the large straight one I have.


Below is the 2 spines next to each other. It is still hard to see the curve in the smaller spine. (my spine is towards the back) Notice how the curved spine does not rest on the ground, instead it is bent upward. The other spine lays flat on the ground.


My favorite bone out of all of mine is tied between Alyssa’s skull, Bobby’s skull or my mini pelvis. The pelvis is a raccoon pelvis, and I talked Leah into giving me the coccyx (tailbone) that goes with the pelvis. I really like the pelvis because it’s so small! It is not broken anywhere and the coccyx (being my favorite bone in the body, human or deer!) just looks so cute to me.



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