The finding of Alyssa’s skull

The day that I found Alyssa’s skull, Leah and I fought over who got it, but since she already had a deer skull (and raccoon, and half another deer skull) I made her give it to me! Before I bleached it, here’s what it looked like


As a teenage girl I am completely terrified of spiders! And I was in my basement, alone, video chatting with a friend of mine, and out crawls a black spider from the skull while cleaning it getting ready to beaching it. I scream, and kill it. Then another one comes out!!! I scream louder and kill it. Then 2 more spiders came out. At that point I killed them and put the skull down and took a shower. That is why I HATE SPIDERS!

I was pretty darn scared.


Alyssa’s skull now looks beautiful and is spider free! Don’t ask me why there are splotches of orange because I don’t know what it was, but it’s gone.


3 comments on “The finding of Alyssa’s skull

  1. Jonathan Hutul says:

    Julia This is the first blog I have ever visited. Your work looks impressive. I am not a fan of spiders myself. Coincidentally I saw the new Spider Man movie yesterday and liked it quite a bit. I trust that you are well and I will see you soon at the block part if not before. Blessings – Jonathan Hutul

  2. Psydrache says:

    Man, I hate spider in skulls too! When I’m cleaning skull the spider come often out of the brain case or the nose and makes me go gaga, arhgh!

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