Why do I collect bones?

“Oh my god it’s a femur bone!” that is what my friend Leah said when she was walking her dog in the forest and tripped over a bone. She texted me saying what had just happened and within the next week we went back to the forest to see what was there. We went the last Friday in March, right before spring break. It was raining but it didn’t stop us. We grabbed some plastic bags (I mean how many bones can were we going to find?!) we were wrong. So very wrong. We needed way more bags than we had! The first bones we found were small, some ribs, some toes. But then we found leg bones, arm bones, scapulas, there must have been enough bones there for 3 full deer! We then found a small path so we walked near there. As I was looking on the ground, Leah looked up and told me to step away. When I asked her why she pointed to a tree and  there was a pelvis and a skull in the tree. At the time we thought the pelvis was a skull for some reason, but we were inexperienced. It was really cool. The rain started to pick up again so we decided to leave. Besides, our bags were  about to break. We went back to her house and split up the bones and then I left since Leah was going to California the next day. It was a bone trip I will never forget. Little did we know that there much more to come!


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