Male raccoon- Dexter

Though I do not have all, or most of my raccoon skeleton- I do have 2 ulnas, the skull, one jaw, a femur, a humerus, the pelvis and the coccyx. He’s coming along. Once again Leah has some of the spine but she loves it to much to part with it, and made earrings out of it. I discovered that the raccoon was a male by looking at the skull. I have a skull book on all the animals in North America given to me for my birthday! The female skulls are longer and wider, the males have shorter skull.


Not much of a raccoon but getting there! The coccyx isn’t in this picture because I didn’t have it at the time, the one below does.



A story to make your spine tremble

My resource class at school is a combined resource class, which means instead of having my teacher and the 5 kids in class, there are 2 teachers and 10 kids in the class. One of the teachers is a science teacher and is fascinated with my bone collection. He was talking with a gym teacher in the building about my bones and the gym teacher told him, “I heard that these 3 guys got arrested for killing deer and raccoons and then dumping their carcasses into forests around the area” that made me shiver! The bones that Leah and I possess, are carcasses that 3 people got arrested for dumping the bodies in the forest. We can’t get in trouble for just having the bones, but it’s creepy to think about! I know that Alyssa died of scoliosis, or she was killed and it just happened that she had scoliosis! Either way Alyssa was more recently dead, since there was still some skin and cartilage on a few bones. Luckily that came off in the bleach! You can also see more bone marrow in the bones with her tibias and femurs and some spine. Since Leah’s skeleton is totally fine, it’s possible that her deer was killed by those men. But the bones that we found that ate near where she found her skull are much older, no skin on any bones and they are more worn out. Also, the bones are starting to sink in the earth. Either way it was one of the creepiest things I’ve heard all year!

7-15-12 – Leah’s house!

When Leah and I try to hang out and talk about bones, hunt for bones, or paint/trade bones. So yesterday our main plan was to figure out which spine went with which skull. (I found Alyssa’s skull where Leah found the spine she has, and she found her skull where I found the spine I have) With that said we’re pretty sure I have her spine and she has mine. If this is true, Alyssa died of scoliosis. The small spine next to the skull (Leah’s) is curved. The large other one is very straight. Alyssa’s skull is small, and therefore the small curved spine would be a better fit for her than the large straight one I have.


Below is the 2 spines next to each other. It is still hard to see the curve in the smaller spine. (my spine is towards the back) Notice how the curved spine does not rest on the ground, instead it is bent upward. The other spine lays flat on the ground.


My favorite bone out of all of mine is tied between Alyssa’s skull, Bobby’s skull or my mini pelvis. The pelvis is a raccoon pelvis, and I talked Leah into giving me the coccyx (tailbone) that goes with the pelvis. I really like the pelvis because it’s so small! It is not broken anywhere and the coccyx (being my favorite bone in the body, human or deer!) just looks so cute to me.


The finding of Alyssa’s skull

The day that I found Alyssa’s skull, Leah and I fought over who got it, but since she already had a deer skull (and raccoon, and half another deer skull) I made her give it to me! Before I bleached it, here’s what it looked like


As a teenage girl I am completely terrified of spiders! And I was in my basement, alone, video chatting with a friend of mine, and out crawls a black spider from the skull while cleaning it getting ready to beaching it. I scream, and kill it. Then another one comes out!!! I scream louder and kill it. Then 2 more spiders came out. At that point I killed them and put the skull down and took a shower. That is why I HATE SPIDERS!

I was pretty darn scared.


Alyssa’s skull now looks beautiful and is spider free! Don’t ask me why there are splotches of orange because I don’t know what it was, but it’s gone.

Hawk (or some bird)- Cameron

So Leah and I were bone hunting near my house, and after hours of being unsuccessful, we finally found something. Leah points to a dead bird. I look at it and there are no veins or organs, so I want to pick it up to look at it. Of course Leah only has one glove (typical of her) but I manage just fine


I took it home and after about an hour of Leah watching me and plucking some feathers and I plucked skin and feathers off, I manage to get this:


But unfortunately when I tried to bleach it (since it smelled so bad) the spine, ribs and a few other bones disintegrated, but I still had the leg bones and head!


Eastern chipmunk- Bobby


This is my chipmunk, I found it (not sure if it was a boy or girl) in my front yard and it was only half there and I searched and found the rest. I’m still missing a femur and fibula, I hope to find it one day!


This Is how I found the chipmunk. Pretty good condition!