I AM MOVING WEBSITES- that’s right, I’m sorry about the trouble but I haven’t posted on wordpress is so long- you guys know that. And because I already have a personal blog on Tumblr, I have decided to move this blog there. The username will be the same. The URL is On Tumblr I can easily re-blog posts on there and I will be able to post more about my bones, I won’t type as much but I will be able to post more and post more from other blogs about bones, medical things, forensic things, anatomy things as well. I’m sorry for the trouble but I have found that I don’t have much time to write anymore 😦 I will still be keeping this blog for people that find the Tumblr blog and don’t know who/what Hannah is, or why I bone hunt. Thank you for understanding!!! P.S the blogs I will follow on my new blog have some bad words in the title of their username- I wish it weren’t that way but I love the content they post and they are great blogs. Thanks, Julia 🙂


Rain, rain, rain

Last Thursday (4/18) Chicago got more rain than I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to guess how many inches we got but it was enough to cancel school! I’ve always had snow days, but we had a rain day! I took some pictures, my house was not as bad as a lot of other people’s. First off there’s Hannah sitting in my very very muddy backyard. I’m surprised she was not underwater.


There’s my backyard with the base of my hammock under about an inch of rain. I haven’t seen my backyard this flooded since I was in like 6th or 8th grade.


There’s my boots being swallowed by rain in my backyard


And my neighbors backyard


This is sorta hard to see but this is a sign at the very edge of a stream, the sign is almost completely underwater


The next 3 are streets/forest preserve on my way to ballet




Pretty wet. There’s still a lot of water standing around. Leah and I went to our spot in the forest 3 days later and what is normally forest was now a lake. We found a lot of interesting things on that trip so check back soon!!

Bone hunting 4/6

The other weekend my friend wanted to go bone hunting with me and I told him that we should go across the street where Hannah was in case I found her skull or arm or leg. The street where Hannah was hit is surrounded by forest- no houses. We went and the first thing we found (I saw it) was a large pelvis and when we walked over there we found a lot of bones that went with it. It was a male deer, old and somewhat buried. Here’s what the spine looked like in the ground:

We tried to find a skull but there was none around and we couldn’t find the top of the spine just the thoracic and lumbar region. I have to many bones I gave the half deer to my friend. He’s moving soon so he didn’t want to take it home, even though the whole reason we came into the forest was because he wanted bones! So we left it in a pile. I started to put the spine together but I could only find the lumbar region:

We found a lot of bones for the deer and it was pretty cool. I usually always find something when I go bone hunting, and I did also find some of Hannah’s other hind leg!! I didn’t get a picture of it though because my gloves were dirty and I didn’t want my phone to get all gross. But where I found Hannah’s leg I was confused because there was like filling from like a couch. It was weird and then I saw this which was even weirder

I took my glove off because I wanted a picture of it. It looks like a tiny house area, there’s a vase, 2 chairs, a table, and not in the picture I saw something that looked like a door. The animals had ripped the stuffing from the chair and that’s what all that yellow stuff is. Leah and I may go back into the forest this weekend and hopefully Hannah’s skull will be found!

Hannah is home!!

Hannah is ready to bring home!!! Leah and I took her home yesterday after school- also celebrating the one year anniversary of the first time we ever went bone hunting- the day before our spring break. The date is different but we do it on the last day of school before break. Hannah still had some skin and cartilage on her but we couldn’t risk someone taking her so it was time to come home! This is the last picture we took of her in the forest:

Her leg was a few yards away and it still had joints and cartilage on it but we wanted to bring ALL of Hannah home. Leah went to get the leg and I gathered all her ribs that were not broken into pieces. Maybe another day we’ll come back and get the broken ribs so that I have as much Hannah as possible! I’m still on the search for her skull but no luck. Here’s Leah with her leg and sternum:

And a close up:

We put her in my wagon and walked a mile back to my house. My mom could have picked us up but we wanted to walk to see how many weird looks we would get. And we got a lot. We’re weird like that but when you want to show off your deer spine- you show it off. Anyway we got back to my house and Leah took my picture:

We also found some fish bones from a while ago and so I took Leah’s picture:

We brought her to my backyard and I let my dog sniff her and put Hannah into my moms garden where no one or nothing could get her. Here’s me with her and my dog sniffing her:


And here she is sitting comfortably in my backyard

It was a wonderful day yesterday and one year ago yesterday Leah and I went into the forest in 60 degree weather in a thunderstorm and found about 4 bags of bones and wow was I interested. Little did I know how much my life would change from it! Keep on doing what your doing, you never know where it will take you! Have a lovely spring break for anyone who has it and summer will be here soon enough!

Hannah pictures!!!

The snow finally melted here for the most part and Hannah’s spine is looking fabulous!

Her spine is not 100% complete- there is one vertebrae missing. Her atlas or C1 is missing. It connects to the skull and when whatever took it, also took the atlas. There should be 7 cervical vertebrae and I only counted 6. You can look at it below sort of

Then today Leah and I went to go see her again and Leah took my picture with her!

She is still mushy, but doesn’t smell! Soon I will take her home, but I’m going to wait until some more skin comes off and is cleaner. Let nature take its course 🙂

Bone hunting 2-16-13

Sorry I haven’t written since pretty much last year! Been super busy with school. And the ground is frozen here so I can’t go in the forest. But one of my friends wanted to go bone hunting with me, not Leah. I told him that we can try but there’s still some snow on the the ground and it may be icy. We went anyway and it wasn’t too cold out! We went to the area where I found Alyssa and I might have found some metatarsals or metacarpals (feet and hand bones) that belong to Alyssa. But we also found a little bit of another spine! No skin on it, it was green from the moss. It was only the sacrum and coccyx (tailbone) and some lumbar vertebrae. There were scattered ribs and thoracic vertebrae (middle spine column)

I had gloves on, and I have an iPhone so it was hard to take the picture. The sacrum is towards the bottom left of the picture. It is a large sacrum which indicates it was a male deer. Deer bones are the most common and biggest bones you can find in the forest where I live.

In November I went to the forest with some family friends and I found a dead raccoon, all the organs were gone but it smelled just like Hannah. Very nasty. I didn’t have my phone so my dad took some pictures but then realized he deleted them! So I would have written about it sooner but I didn’t have pictures, and pictures make everything better! It was near where I found Alyssa (all the bones I find seem to be on that hill!) I couldn’t tell if it was a male or female and the bones still have some skin and fur on them, and now they’re in some ice. I didn’t want to pull the skin off the bones when it’s frozen because that can hurt the bones. So in a few months when the ice and snow are all gone I can look at the pelvis and see! The skull was broken in what looked like 2 pieces. I don’t know why, maybe an animal stepped on it. Raccoon skulls are fragile- as is any skull!

That blue thing is my friends glove pointing to the jaw of the raccoon. It was still attached to whatever skin was there.

The bones are in a pile, in November it was more spread out since all the bones were still attached to the skin. You could also pick up the fur and bones in November. But the more you moved it the more it smelled!
Before we left I went over to the area where Leah found her deer skull in the tree and where we found the first spine. We found that the tree we found the skull in had fallen! It fell into another tree but didn’t damage the other one. It was a very old and rotted tree so that wasn’t a surprise.
In a little less than a month it will be the 1 year anniversary of when Leah and I first went into the forest!! Big bone hunt coming up!!

Hannah in the snow!

Happy new year everyone! Yesterday I went to take a look at Hannah and there’s quite a bit of snow here so she was all covered by it. I couldn’t find her at first since I had to dig around, but some ribs were poking out and that’s how I figured it out.

I didn’t stay too long because there wasn’t much to see. The good news is she really didn’t smell! Her spine is the same as before the snow- which is a pretty good thing- nothing else was taken by any other animals. I still look for her skull though! I wish I had gotten it when I could. I took a few more pictures of her:



I hope everyone has a great new year and happy bone hunting 🙂